Why Big rocks?

To put it simply, the Big Rocks are the priorities.
So we “put the big rocks” into your SEO bucket first.


While some agencies go for tweaking Meta Descriptions and producing a lot of new content right off the bat, we first focus on the high-impact SEO activities: fixing critical technical SEO issues and optimizing your existing content.

we do it?

We love business. We love helping other companies grow organically through being found on Google.

We cherish quality and attention to detail. But unfortunately, there are way too few quality websites on the web. We want this to improve.

We admire the results the proper Technical SEO, Content Optimization, and proper SEO Content Creation can get for the websites.

We are obsessed with a long-term vision, and strategic thinking. As good chess players are.

We believe SEO is one of the smartest investments the business can make. And we love to implement it the right way.

we do it?

Approaching your business as if it is our own. Our primary focus is to understand the goals of your business, the challenges you face, and how we can help you solve them.

Knowing the differences between SEO for B2B and B2C markets. There’re some.

Understanding the search intent and approaching every key page of the website from there.

Considering the sales funnel stages the prospects go through from landing on your website to becoming your clients.

Valuing time. Yours and ours.

we do?

We are backed up with three years in Product Management and Development. We know B2B Tech and SaaS world from within.

We bring clarity and transparency regarding our processes and the whole workflow.

We rely on the five most important SEO KPIs and track the SEO progress accordingly.

We do deep due diligence on the competition and keep our eyes on them.

We work on the SEO elements that move the needle:
1. Technical SEO
2. Content Optimization
3. Link-Building

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With us, you don’t hire a vendor. You enter an SEO partnership.

We are a small team, attentive to your goals. We use a personalized approach that you'll enjoy.

Let's start small

Do you want to get your feet wet and check us out? We also want to see whether we’ll be mutually a good fit for each other.
So, here’s the deal.
Get your Free SEO Video Audit done. We’ll prepare a 10-minute video overviewing your website's key opportunities – only those that will result in noticeable traffic growth once implemented.
Paul Kuznetsov
BIG ROKS Founder