Selected SaaS SEO Case Study – 151% Increase in Product Demos and Customers

At BIG ROKS, we focus on bringing outstanding results for our clients to make it a success story.

This SaaS SEO case study showcases our successful partnership with Referral Factory, a B2B SaaS company in the MarTech sector, and their innovative plug-and-play referral program software.

Our mission was to dramatically enhance their online presence and user engagement using strategic SEO techniques. Which we gladly did.

Context and Challenges

Referral Factory focuses on medium-sized businesses, offering solutions to simplify the process of creating and managing referral programs drastically.

When we started our conversation, their primary challenges included limited organic search traffic and a need to increase active user engagement from organic search. Our objective was to not only elevate their traffic numbers but also enhance their overall digital footprint.

Initial State and Goals

Initially, in June 2023, Referral Factory’s website had an organic traffic count of 766 and ranked for 1,174 organic keywords.

Our goal was clear: to increase these figures substantially. Additionally, we aimed to increase their Domain Rating (DR), which was 60, to boost their overall website authority.

Strategy and Implementation

Our strategy at BIG ROKS was comprehensive and multifaceted:

  • We began with an extensive Technical and On-Page SEO Audit to identify and prioritize areas for improvement.
  • We swiftly addressed the most critical Technical and On-Page SEO issues to enhance website functionality and user experience.
  • Optimizing page load speed was the next stage, as it’s crucial for retaining visitors to the website.
MarTech SaaS Page Speed Optimization - before snapshot
Page Speed Optimization – the ‘before‘ snapshot
MarTech SaaS Page Speed Optimization - before snapshot
Page Speed Optimization – the ‘after‘ snapshot
  • We strategically optimized numerous pages and blog posts that targeted priority and critical keywords for Referral Factory’s business.
  • A significant part of our strategy was acquiring high-quality backlinks from DR 50+ websites, ensuring these were in maximum relevance to our client’s niche.

Results and Achievements

The results of our 7-month collaboration with Referral Factory were remarkable:

  • We increased organic traffic to 17,784, a substantial growth from the initial count.
MarTech SaaS SEO organic traffic growth
  • The number of organic keywords for which the site ranked got to 2,414.
  • Notably, there was a significant increase in product demos and active users, though the exact numbers are confidential.
  • We successfully raised the DR from 60 to 68, increasing the overall site’s authority in Google’s eyes.
Domain rating growth

Future Plans and Projections

Looking ahead, Referral Factory is poised to continue its growth trajectory in organic traffic and further enhance its DR in a competitive market. At BIG ROKS, we are committed to supporting them in this journey.

Our ongoing strategy includes the continuous acquisition of quality, topical backlinks and the optimization of additional essential money pages to maintain and amplify their market presence.


This SaaS SEO case study highlights how BIG ROKS effectively provides customized SEO solutions that lead to tangible business outcomes.

Our approach, centered around detailed audit, strategic content upgrade and optimization, and quality backlink acquisitions, demonstrates our commitment to elevating our clients’ digital profiles and achieving their business objectives.

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