Movie Marketing Micro SaaS SEO Case Study: 2118% Traffic Growth

This SEO case study showcases our partnership with Gruvi, a B2B Micro SaaS leader for the international movie and cinema industry, and went from problem discovery to accomplishing noticeable achievements.

Context and Challenges

Leading the way in making cinema marketing more accessible and impactful, Gruvi provides unparalleled support for cinema owners, film producers, distributors worldwide, TV and VOD companies, and video game producers. Their services increase online engagement and ticket sales through precisely targeted digital advertising and modern marketing practices.

Successful as they were, GRUVI tried to develop a completely organic online presence that could turn into organic lead generation. Their intention, of course, was to increase organic search traffic and keywords by hundreds of percent, which, in turn, would better draw targeted leads from the organic channels.

Initial State and Goals

GRUVI’s digital footprint was poor from the start: only 67 for organic traffic, ranking for 733 organic keywords, with only 3 in the top 3. Key lead generation metrics from form submissions were at 66.

The goals for our SEO campaign were clear:

  • Amplify organic search traffic and keyword rankings.
  • Enhance website authority through strategic link building.

Strategy and Implementation

To address GRUVI’s needs, we deployed a comprehensive SEO strategy encompassing:

  • Thorough Technical and On-Page SEO Audit to identify and rectify critical issues.
  • Optimization of page load speed to improve user experience and dwell time.
  • Creation of targeted content to bridge the topical authority gap and improve keyword relevancy.
  • Acquisition of high-quality backlinks from niche-relevant sites.
movie marketing agency SEO case study organic traffic growth

Securing backlinks was done to ensure the best possible relevance impact from movies, cinemas, and related industry websites. Then, we did an in-depth On-Page SEO optimization based on the Competitor Analysis to fine-tune our strategy to the next level.

Results and Achievements

The results were transformative:

  • Organic traffic surged to 1,419.
  • The number of organic keywords became 764, with now 72 of them ranking in the top 3.
  • Form submissions doubled to 146, evidencing a boost in qualified lead generation.
movie marketing agency ranked keywords growth

Most of all, we achieved first place for several important industry keywords and got Gruvi right at the top as a leading authority on cinema marketing.

We achieved 1st positions for some of the most prominent and essential keywords in the niche:

  • movie marketing
  • movie marketing campaigns
  • film marketing agency
  • movie marketing budget
  • movie theater marketing
  • cinema marketing
  • independent film distribution, and others.
Film marketing agency first position SEO rankings

Future Plans and Projections

Gruvi is interested in further increasing organic traffic and domain rating in the future, given a website redesign, which will take place soon. In their turn, we will be the next support pillar for Gruvi on their way.

  • Continued acquisition of top-tier, niche-specific backlinks.
  • Further optimization of critical money pages and development of new content assets to expand topical authority even further.


In classic BIG ROKS style, it does everything possible in SEO to help grow businesses and gain industry leadership. With targeted strategies and an eye on the future, we ensure our clients meet and exceed their digital marketing aspirations.

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